Marsa’s talk made me feel extremely empowered. Learning about what is happening biologically gave me a feeling of claiming my body, as opposed to feeling powerless. ”
— Victoria (health and nutrition workshop)


I didn’t realize how much I had been spinning my wheels until I started working with Marsa. I had been putting huge amounts of effort in, but wasn’t giving myself the tools I needed to fully benefit from my hard work. Marsa understands physiology on such a deep level, and also adds an element of intuition and compassion that inspired me to actually implement healthy changes and enjoy the process. The work we did together impacted every part of my life in a positive way: my athletic pursuits, my career, my relationships, and most of all my confidence.
— Erik (one-on-one coaching)
“Marsa is the type of coach who sees each athlete as an individual and can astutely pinpoint what a person needs the most. ”
— Laura (one-on-one coaching)
“Marsa’s talk made me feel really empowered. There’s something about a group of female athletes coming together and sharing knowledge about underrepresented aspects of nutrition and general health that is super awesome. I’m really glad I got to experience it and am eternally grateful for the knowledge I gained.”
— Ella (health and nutrition workshop for female high school athletes)
Marsa’s approach is quite different from other coaches I’ve had. I was used to a one-way method of communication, where the coach would just tell me what to do. Marsa was always reading what was going on with me, so she knew when to really challenge me and when to ease off. Marsa factored in all the things going on in my busy life and made my training work for me. After working with Marsa for a few months, I performed better, enjoyed it much more, and I felt strong through my entire season rather than fizzling out mid way through. I also felt more confidence than ever before—Marsa highlighted successes and accomplishments along the way that I wouldn’t have seen on my own, rather than always focusing on what I needed to change.
— Amanda (one-on-one coaching)