Every piece matters…

Human performance is complex.

It’s about more than just us, it’s also about how we interact with others and our surrounding environment. Through coaching, we strengthen your entire athlete ecology, because every piece matters.


What to expect:

We dial in your performance edge, while ensuring you have the support structures in place to thrive on that edge. Through our work together, we develop your awareness, routines, and tools that enable you to:

  • Welcome healthy challenges and opportunities for growth into your life

  • Feel at your best!

  • Recognize when it is time to mindfully step away from the edge to allow time to breathe, reflect, and restore

  • Confidently leverage stress so you can perform at your full potential, on-call, in the situations that matter to you most


Who I work with:

Emerging leaders
Generating confidence and self-awareness to be an impactful leader of others and of one’s self

Athlete leaps
Preparing to confidently leap from from high school to collegiate sport, an upgrade in performance category, from amateur to elite status, or simply preparing for an event that feels out of reach

Returning to play
Re-engaging with sport after injury, RED-S, over-training or burnout, while also developing the awareness and balance necessary to mitigate future road blocks

Female athletes
I work with female athletes of all ages to shape their training, nutrition, and athlete ecology around what we know about women’s-specific physiology.

Failure to adapt
When pieces of the performance puzzle are missing, we lose the ability to fully adapt and progress, and in the worst cases, can even slide backward. I work with athletes to recognize what pieces are missing in their own performance puzzle, enabling them to once again feel the rewards of their investment and hard work.


It is when pushed to the outer edge of our capabilities that we are most capable of growth.